ESL Online Program


The CBRC ONLINE ESL Program is an English platform for foreign non-English speakers. The goal of the CBRC ONLINE ESL Program is to enhance and develop the students' level of English comprehension which shall cover mostly of conversational English, grammar, reading, pronunciation, and vocabulary. In this intensive online program, the students can choose their availability that will suit their lifestyle and they will be mentored individually by our seasoned English teachers of their choice to target their needs.

Beginner Level Lessons

·       L.1/2  - Nouns and Articles (Subject Pronouns)

·       L.1/2  - Adjectives and Adverbs (Adjectives Opposites)

·       L1       - Prepositions (With time, At, On, In)

·       V.1/2  - Vocabulary (Body)

·       FL.1/2 - Functional Language (Language for Classroom)

Elementary Level Lessons

·       L.2/2  - Nouns and Articles (Possessive Nouns)

·       L.1/4  - Verbs Simple (To Be)

·       L.1/2  - Verbs Continuous (Present Continuous)

·       V.2/2  - Vocabulary (Family)

·       FL.2/2 - Functional Language (On Vacation Planning)

Pre-Intermediate Level Lessons

·       L.2/2  - Adjectives and Adverbs (-ed, -ing)

·       L.2/4  - Verbs Continuous (Present Continuous)

·       L.1      - Gerunds and Infinitives (Intro to Gerunds)

·       L.1      - Passive Constructions (Introducing Passive Verbs)

·       L.1      - Conditions and Wishes (Conditionals)

Intermediate Level Lessons

·       L.3/4  - Verbs Simple (Present-Perfect-Simple)

·       L.4/4  - Phrasal Verbs (Intro to Phrasal Verbs)

·       L.1      - Linking Words (Subordinators, Coordinators)

·       L.1/2  - Conversational (Hello and Goodbye)

·       L.2/2  - Conversational (Communication)

Advanced Lessons

·       L.1      - Free Talk